Five days of Italian Street Photography in one of the most fascinating cities in America accompanied by Andrea Scirè and Giuseppe Pons, two of the most active and well-recognized Italian street photographers. A journey for understanding the techniques of Street Photography and their ever-changing usage. All the magic of the Chicago lights: the sharp cuts of the shadows, crowded neighborhoods and blues nights are just some of Italian Style eXperience awaiting you.


You will be always free to move, the HOT SPOT planning will allow to use immediately, in the street, tips and techniques of Street Photography; briefings at the “Hot Spot Point” will be a check and an investigation on the shooting. A learning process based to direct experience and direct application of techniques and approaches.



The Project CHICAGO STREET PHOTOGRAPHY has the Patronage of the “Italian Cultural Institute” of Chicago.

The institute is the cultural office of the Consulate General of Italy in Chicago and is one of five government agencies set up in the United States by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (as well as New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Washington). Founded in 1985 with the aim to promote and spread the Italian language and culture has become over the years an important center of cultural and academic initiatives, language school and Italian civiliity and History, exhibition space for art shows and center to film screenings . In 1999 by the New York section it became autonomous Institute. Its jurisdiction currently includes fifteen states.

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