Chicago Street Photography

live eXperience 2018

The Project

It’s not a traditional street photography workshop!
The ” Chicago Street Photography ” project was born from the idea to share our Italian Street vision with all street photographer lover in one of the amazing city of America : a real Italian learning experience outside the classroom in direct contact with people and urban elements of this American City. Street photography is more than a photographic style; Street photography is a way of doing , of living and observe  the dailylife. Our Plus is our “Italian Vision”. Be “ Italian street photographer ” means get excited for the simple things , to grasp the “candid” side of life, smiling of the grotesque but also convey, with a sweet brutality , those visions that generate emotion. CSP is a way to “speak” Italian Street Photography through photography in the homeland of Street Photography.  Andrea Sciré and Giuseppe Pons are two internationally renowned Italian street photographers, who like to share their tips and their techniques with others in a very simple and friendly way through a really full immersion experience.

The Patronage of the ICC Italian Culture Center of Chicago is the symbol of the will for a real culture exchange between people loving the Italian doing way and Italian Professional Photographers loving the American “dream”.




Street sessions on the blue(s) city





“Street photography must be done in the street, you have to feel the smell of the asphalt, the people passing close to you!” Street photography means being able to observe, it means learning to predict situations, it means being able to be ready to catch those little decisive moments.

cit. Andrea Scirè (



The Street without color is like fish without salt, I don’t like it; It tastes “not good”. The Chicago color is Blue (s)! The blue of the sky clear complement to the yellow of the sun that cuts dramatically the black shadows of the skyscrapers in Chicago … “The colors are action and suffering of light”.

cit. Giuseppe Pons (

Halloween FLASH Night Session

Halloween FLASH Night Session

A scary photo shooting!
Live Halloween as “Streepher” will be crazy: Oct 31st we will go down in the street at night with flash for a live night session. Illuminated by the lights of the city we are going to enter through narrow streets and parties, we will understand the Night Street Photography techniques and its creative approaches.


Five days of Italian Street Photography in one of the most fascinating cities in America accompanied by Andrea Scirè and Giuseppe Pons, two of the most active and well-recognized Italian street photographers. A journey for understanding the techniques of Street Photography and their ever-changing usage. All the magic of the Chicago lights: the sharp cuts of the shadows, crowded neighborhoods and blues nights are just some of Italian Style eXperience awaiting you.


You will be always free to move, the HOT SPOT planning will allow to use immediately, in the street, tips and techniques of Street Photography; briefings at the “Hot Spot Point” will be a check and an investigation on the shooting. A learning process based to direct experience and direct application of techniques and approaches.



The Project CHICAGO STREET PHOTOGRAPHY has the Patronage of the “Italian Cultural Institute” of Chicago.

The institute is the cultural office of the Consulate General of Italy in Chicago and is one of five government agencies set up in the United States by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (as well as New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Washington). Founded in 1985 with the aim to promote and spread the Italian language and culture has become over the years an important center of cultural and academic initiatives, language school and Italian civiliity and History, exhibition space for art shows and center to film screenings . In 1999 by the New York section it became autonomous Institute. Its jurisdiction currently includes fifteen states.

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